Feydeau, First to Last - Georges Feydeau

Feydeau, First to Last

By Georges Feydeau

  • Release Date: 2001-07-01
  • Genre: Performing Arts


Feydeau was the greatest of a great age of French farceurs and the first to enter the modern repertory. Of the more than 40 plays Feydeau wrote, over a third were one-acts. In this volume, Shapiro has selected and translated eight of these one-act plays, among them Feydeau's first and last works. Includes: Ladies' Man * Wooed and Viewed * Romance in A Flat * Fit to Be Tried, or, Stepbrothers in Crime * Mixed Doubles * The Boor Hug * Caught with His Trance Down * Tooth and Consequences, or, Hortense Said: No Skin Off My Ass]